American Chamber Board of Directors Elections 2020

Please cast your company's vote as soon as it's convenient for you.

  • Only one vote per member company – if more than one vote is cast, then only the vote of the highest position
    in the member company cast will be counted
  • There shall be not less than four (4) and not more than sixteen (16) Directors
  • A Director shall be elected by a plurality of the votes provided he/she has received the vote of more than 33,33% of the votes
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The voting will be closed at 5:00 PM Kyiv time on Wednesday, December 4.

Please see below 25 Candidates who are running for the Chamber Board of Directors this year. *Click a portrait to see Candidate's profile.
Yuliya Badritdinova   Brian Bonner   Serhiy Chorny   Graham Conlon   Vaios Dimoragas   Kamran Iskandarov
Mykhailo Kharenko   Oleksandr Komarov   Lenna Koszarny   Dmytro Kyselov   Georges Massoud   Alastair McBain   Alex McWhorter
Matteo Patrone   Dale Perry   Fedir Serdiuk   Sergiy Sergiyenko   Evgeny Shevchenko   Marek Tomalak
Andriy Tsymbal   Vasile Varvaroi   Vladimir Vashchenko   Martin Werschlan   Serhii Yanchyshyn   Ismet Yazici