Dear Chamber Members,
It is of course a huge understatement to say that 2014 was extremely challenging for Ukraine,  for the business community operating here,  and for our American Chamber of Commerce.  This year has shown the great importance of joint work and focused dialogue with all the stakeholders who can actually influence decision making in the country. It has been an honor for me to serve as Chair on the Board of an organization which is so instrumental in ensuring the dialogue that enhances relationships between business, the state and society. In this report you will find the highlights of what has been accomplished in 2014 by the Chamber due to you and your fellow Members’ dedication, expertise and engagement as the Chamber continued to work on behalf of our members, and the broader business community to support Ukraine, its economy and its people and empowering business to make a difference. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to become even more involved with our Chamber next year, as there is plenty of work to do to drive the much needed economic reforms and help prepare the country and the business community for the new paradigm and opportunities that will come within the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors I would like to acknowledge and thank the great staff of the Chamber who works so tirelessly on behalf of our members. I would also like to thank our diverse membership, well as the many friends and partners of the Chamber, for your continuous support and involvement. It is because of the dedicated involvement of our members that Chamber has been so successful. I wish you and your business an inspiring and profitable 2015 and look forward to our long-term cooperation for the benefit of Ukraine.
Bryan Disher
Chair, Chamber Board of Directors


The Member organizations of the Chamber represent many of the largest companies from more than 50 countries operating in Ukraine with a majority of the foreign direct investment.
Current Membership
  • Corporate "A"
    Large Strategic and Institutional Investors
  • Corporate "B"
    Mid Cap Companies
  • Corporate "C"
    Small Companies and Service Providers, NGOs, Educational Instituions and Donor Funded Projects, Embassies and Consultate Centers
Joined the Chamber in 2014
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Chamber Members "Geographic"
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  • Europe(including CIS countries) - 67 %
  • Middle East - 2,3 %
  • North & Central America - 28 %
  • International Organizations - 0,5 %


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Wins and Progresses
High Level Meetings
    • Meeting with Mr. Igor Shvaika, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Andriy Dykun, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine
    • Meeting Mr. Vladyslav Rashkovan, Head of the NBU Department of Strategy and Reform of Banking System
    • Roundtable Discussion "Liberalization of Currency Regulation and Control in Ukraine"
    • Conference “Long-Term Growth Strategies: Sustainability and Value-Added Business Models in Ukraine”
    • International Conference "Private Equity Opportunities in Ukraine to Restart Economic Growth: Role of Banks"
    • Meeting with Ms. Valeriya Gontareva, Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine
    • Roundtable Discussion “Concept of Insurance Business Development in Ukraine”
    • Roundtable Discussion “Strategy of Credit Unions Development in Ukraine”
    • Roundtable Discussion “Influence of Monetary & Exchange Rate Policy on the Real Sector & Attraction of Foreign Investments to Ukraine”
    • Roundtable Discussion “Strategy of Factoring Business Development in Ukraine”
    • Roundtable Discussion “Strategy of Education Development in Ukraine: The Vision of Business”
    • Roundtable Discussion “Development Scenarios & Forecast of the Economic Situation in Ukraine”
    • Roundtable Discussion “From Crisis to Recovery to Growth: The Path to Realizing Ukraine’s Economic Potential” with participation of Mr. Sevki Acuner, EBRD Director and Country Manager, Chamber Board Member; Mr. Qimiao Fan, World Bank Country Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova; Mr. Andrew Rasbash, Head of Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Jerome Vacher, IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine
    • “In-Focus” Meeting on Administrative Reform with Mr. Oleksandr Danyliuk, Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine and Mr. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine
    • COI Event on Coalition Agreement Discussion with Mr. Volodymyr Groysman and Mr. Dmytro Shymkiv
    • “In-Focus” Meeting with the Leadership of Political Party "Samopomich"
    • “In-Focus” Meeting with Mr. Vitaliy Naumenko, Deputy Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine
    • Signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Vitaliy Naumenko, Deputy Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine
    • COI Engagement Event on Strategic Development of the Customs Policy with Mr. Vitaliy Naumenko, Deputy Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine
    • Roundtable Discussion "How to Stop "Grey" Import to Ukraine"
    • Meeting with Mr. Oleksandr Nechytaylo, Chairman of the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine
    • Roundtable Discussion “Free Economic Zone of Crimea: Guide to Customs and Tax Aspects of Doing Business”
    • Round Table with State Officials "State Regulation on Socially Significant Products: Searching for Effective and Balanced Approach"
    • High-Level Meeting with the Business Community on Discussion of the Practical Side of Using the EU Autonomous Trade Preferences
    • Meeting with Mr. Pavlo Sheremeta, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
    • "In-Focus" Meeting with Mr. Valeriy Pyatnitsky, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade on European Integration and Ms. Olena Zerkal, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on European Integration
    • Meeting with Mr. Vadym Ulida, Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, Mr. Kostyantyn Ushchapovsky, Director of the National Energy Company Ukrenergo and Mr. Vitaliy Chernyshov, First Deputy Director of Derzhenergonagliad – Deputy Chief State Inspector of Ukraine on Energy Supervision
    • Meeting with Ms. Vladyslava Rutytska, Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine on European Integration
    • Meeting with Mr. Russell Damtoff, Associate Director of the Office of International Affairs, U.S. Federal Trade Commission
    • Meeting with the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Andriy Mokhnyk
    • Meeting with Mr. Roman Storozhev, Head of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Dmytro Kashchuk, Head of State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Yuriy Vitrenko, Chief Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine"
    • “In-Focus” Meeting Mr. Volodymyr Demchyshyn, Head of the National Commission for State Energy and Public Utilities Regulation
    • "In-Focus" Meeting with Mr. Oleksandr Sych, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Mr. Oleh Musiy, Minister of Health of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Mykhailo Pasichnyk, Head of the State Service on Medicinal Products
    • Round Table “Financing of Healthcare System”
    • Conference “Healthcare Reform in Ukraine”
  • ICT
    • "In-Focus" Meeting with Mr. Markiyan Bem, Representative on Personal Data Protection of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights
    • Meeting with Ms. Betsy Hafner, Deputy Assistant of United States Trade Representative
    • Round Table with Mr. Siim Sikkut, ICT Policy Advisor to the President of Estonia and Estonian Government
    • Round Table “Ukrainian Digital University: University-to-Business and Business-to-University Cooperation”
    • Meeting with Mr. Maksym Burbak, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Acting Vice Prime Minister Mr. Oleksandr Vilkul
    • Presentation of the Public-Private Partnerships & Infrastructure Expert Center with participation of Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine and Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine
    • “In-Focus” Meeting with Mr. Andriy Amelin, Chairman of SE "Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority"
    • Meeting with Mr. Serhiy Nadal, Ternopil City Mayor
    • Round Table “Reformation of Public Road System: European Roads in Ukraine”
    • International Aerospace Forum “Ukraine’s Aerospace Industry: Vital to Economic Modernization”
    • Meeting with Mr. Igor Nikonov, First Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration
    • Meeting with Mr. Ihor Bilous, First Deputy Minister of Revenue and Duties
    • Meeting with Mr. Oleksandr Shlapak, Minister of Finance of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Oleksandr Nechytaylo, Chairman of the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Volodymyr Khomenko, First Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
    • Roundtable Discussion “Free Economic Zone of Crimea: Guide to Customs and Tax Aspects of Doing Business”
    • “In-Focus” Meeting with Mr. Anatoliy Makarenko, Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
    • Meeting with Mr. Vitaliy Khomutynnik, Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Tax and Customs Policy of Ukraine and Ms. Oksana Prodan, First Deputy Head of the Committee
    • Meeting with Mr. Roman Greba, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Office of Prime Minister of Ukraine; Mr. Yurii Romanyuk, Deputy Director of the Department on Tax and Customs Policy of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine; and Ms. Nelya Pryvalova, Department of Methodological Work on Taxation of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Positions Papers


Agricultural Committee
Maintaining a dialog with relevant governmental authorities aimed at ensuring predictability, efficiency and transparency of governmental policy in agricultural sector through safeguarding free market principles as well as liberalization of governmental control procedures.

The Committee maintains and develops the stable dialogue with key stakeholders through the high-level meetings, in particular: with Mr. Igor Shvaika, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine on the most important issues and prospects for further development of Agricultural sector as well as with Ms. Vladyslava Rutytska, Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food on European Integration on perspectives for implementation of European norms into the national practices. Committee Members took part in a number of meetings with representatives of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service as well as the State Agricultural Inspection with the purpose of promotion of future regulatory change as well as streamlining their current operational procedures.

As a result of our lobbying efforts Law #1193-VII "On Abolishment of a Number of Licensing Documents", which is abolishing 5 major licensing documents of particular importance for agribusiness, has been adopted earlier this year. Another step towards deregulation was made when State Enterprise managing the Registry of Warehouse Documents for Grain has dropped its unjustified documentary requirements for graining access of grain warehouses to the registry and recently the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food has officially abolished outdated Technical Regulations for Grain Warehouses, thus closing another gap that might result in abuse of office by governmental officials. From operation perspective, we have managed to persuade the Government of Ukraine to decrease the number of control authorities that are charged with control functions over the industry.

31 meetings in 2014

Banking & Financial Services Committee
Active participation in the Ukrainian banking system development and promotion of high quality banking standards and values as well as support and development of initiatives of the Ukrainian Government and local banking association towards establishment of local banking environment harmonized with the best international banking practices.
In 2014 the Committee focused on lobbying of the crucial banking issues in terms of integration of Ukraine banking system into EU banking standards and fulfillment of essential preparatory steps towards Ukraine-EU Association Agreement implementation. During the meetings with NBU representatives and Ms. Valeriya Gontareva, Governor of the NBU, the Chamber discussed opportunities for liberalization of currency regulation and control in Ukraine. The Committee in strategic partnership with NBU held the working session on Strategy for development and reform of the banking system of Ukraine for 2014-2020 and a series of roundtable working discussions devoted to development of non-banking financial institutions. The Committee was actively engaged in public hearings and roundtable discussions, providing the input of Chamber Members to the Program of Stock Market Development in Ukraine for 2015-2017, development and consolidation of Ukrainian credit bureaus market, FATCA and FATF implementation, reductions of cash in circulation, IFRS implementation and simplification of the banking reporting, unification and integration of Ukraine into the international e-signature standards, improvement of quality of protection of the rights of creditors and alienation of the NPLs, as well as encouragement of transparent corporate management and CSR.

41 meetings in 2014

Customs Committee
To contribute to the development of the customs legislation that would be simple, modern, adaptable, realistic and tangible, and to develop a professional forum for customs issues discussion.

In 2014 Chamber Customs Committee activities were aimed at ensuring efficient administration of customs affairs as well as developing proper legislative environment in close cooperation with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Tax and Customs Policy of Ukraine, inter alia, by means of step-by-step promotion of proper implementation of the Customs Code of Ukraine; improvement of customs valuation according to the WTO requirements and international best practices; creation of a system of checks and balances in relations between the state and business community as well as initiation of reform of the system of administrative penalties for violation of customs regulations.

Numerous Committee’s initiatives related to customs clearance of goods as well improvement of efficiency of fighting against "grey" import of goods were successfully accepted by the customs authorities.

46 meetings in 2014

Energy Committee
To promote further development and modernization of Ukraine’s energy sector by attracting investment, in support of the vision of a more energy self-reliant Ukraine.

Committee has continuously worked on developing the mechanisms for investment into the energy sector including: upstream, midstream, downstream, licensing procedures, product sharing agreements, and subsoil use legislation as well as uninterrupted electricity supplies.​ At present, the Committee activities are focused on fostering increase of domestic hydrocarbons production and implementation of large scale energy projects that will be a significant step towards energy self-reliance of Ukraine. Therefore, a number of legislative and regulatory changes are required to fulfill the above task successfully. The Committee Members maintained dialogue and held a number of meetings with key stakeholders in the Government of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine​ aimed at moving forward with the following issues: adoption of the  Draft Subsoil Code of Ukraine and Draft Rules of Oil and Gas Fields Development, improving the procedure of geological data export by cancelling the need to obtain special conclusion of State Geology Service, simplification of land plot assignment for the needs of oil and gas industry as well as improving the procedure of wells registration, VAT administration under PSAs, ensuring stability of taxation in upstream sector. While speaking on activities in electricity sector, the Committee advocates for implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On Main Aspects of Electricity Market Functioning in Ukraine" as well as stands ready to be actively involved in all the activities required therefor.

99 meetings in 2014

Food & Beverage Committee
Mission of the Chamber Food & Beverage Committee consists in cooperating with the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service on the development of State Strategy on implementation of Sanitary and Phytosanitary requirements under the Association Agreement with the EU and gradual approximation of national legislation to the standards of the EU; deregulation of the internal market and facilitation of domestic trade; protection of exporters’ interests in the international markets and development of new exports opportunities; development and implementation of sustainable and predictable excise policy for alcoholic beverages.

2014 is a year of major transformations for the food & beverage industry in Ukraine. With signing of the Association Agreement, approximation of sanitary and phytosanitary regulations to the norms of the EU and implementation of other relevant market deregulation initiatives, Ukraine is adopting the new food safety standards and diversifies its exports. Major success of the Committee include the adoption of the Food Safety Law, successful cases of protection of the exporters’ interests in Belorussia and initiation of a constructive dialogue to solve problematic exports issues in other international markets; adoption of numerous deregulatory initiatives for the industry; and initiating the reformation of the system of state price controls for foodstuffs.

63 meetings in 2014

Healthcare Committee
To improve the Ukraine’s business environment in the pharmaceutical field, exchange of information, organizing discussions and taking joint actions aimed at promoting the commercial interests of Chamber Member pharmaceutical companies. Among the problems the Committee is dealing with are registration and licensing procedures, harmonization of Ukrainian pharmaceutical legislation with EU, development of reimbursement system and its implementation in Ukraine align with other initiatives in Ukrainian legislation.

The Committee maintains and develops the stable dialogue with key stakeholders through the high-level meetings, in particular meetings with the Minister and Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine to address the issues of amending legislation on GMP certification, simplification of registration and further development of Draft Law “On Medicinal Products”. Committee Members took part in a number of meetings with representatives of the State Expert Center on Medicinal Products with the purpose of developing the legislative amendments and regulatory changes. Another important direction of Committee activity is devoted to promotion of Vision 2020 Project as a roadmap to healthcare reform in Ukraine prepared by Chamber Members. Besides, the Committee launched the activity on discussion of vaccines’ regulation within the territory of Ukraine using the competitive advantage of the Chamber as a platform for developing this issue.

64 meetings in 2014

Human Resources Committee
Sharing experience, knowledge and best practices between HR professionals; promoting the professional development of Members through exposure to new knowledge, skills and information resulting in the enrichment of the personnel function within Members’ respective organizations. Use Members’ expertise to help development of the country’s legislative environment and professional standards of HR community

In 2014 Chamber HR Committee developed its activities within three strategic directions. The first priority is ensuring development of the country’s legislative environment and professional standards of HR community through the joint work with the labor controlling authorities on the issues of interest to Members and topics that have a direct impact on business, including those regulated by the new Employment Law and other relevant legislation. A lot of work also has been done to advocate the perception of HR as a business partner and promote the Chamber HR Committee as the platform for sharing local and international best practices on the latest trends in the human resources sphere; non-monetary employee motivation; talent development and retention as well as to educate the Chamber HR Committee Members on labor-related EU-influenced legislation that might be adopted/revised due to signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

29 meetings in 2014

ICT Committee
To improve the environment for the further development of a sustainable and well-regulated Information Technologies and Telecom sectors in Ukraine. The ICT Committee sees its Mission in lobbying interests of Chamber Member companies operating in the Ukrainian ICT industry, providing the most efficient solutions of various problems faced by its Members.
In 2014 Chamber ICT Committee held numerous discussions on censorship and Internet blocking, Draft Law “On Copyright” and its impact on business. The Committee activities were aimed at advocating for introduction of new technologies, both 3G and LTE, by means of technological neutrality within existing frequency range and also by holding auctions and reforming of other frequency ranges. Among initiatives supported and introduced by the Chamber were Ukrainian Business Angels Network and BrainBasket Foundation, including membership in its Expert Council. The Committee Members were also engaged in advocating for the development of start-ups and business incubation as well as cooperation with universities with respect to launching “Digital University” Project. Also, the Committee cooperated actively with foreign governments to share their experience and knowledge in ICT sphere, e.g. Meeting with Mr. Siim Sikkut, National ICT Policy Adviser, Estonian Government Office.

25 meetings in 2014

Tax Committee
To promote the reform and improved application of the taxation system in Ukraine, recognizing that a predictable, equitable and effective tax system is a significant factor both in the general facilitation of business and in the positive development of the Ukrainian economy.
According to the Committee’s priorities for 2014, its main activities were focused on developing amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine as well as regulations and bylaws based on international best practices, recommendations of the business community in close cooperation with the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Tax and Customs Policy, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and other stakeholders: balancing rights and obligations of taxpayers and tax authorities, improving tax administration due to introduction of a mechanism of responsibility of tax authorities as well as principle that a minor mistake of a taxpayer doesn’t affect the taxpayer’s right to claim the tax deduction; ensuring fair and unbiased trials and resolution of tax disputes through close cooperation with representatives of judicial authorities as well as due unification of court practices as well as harmonizing Ukrainian tax legislation and practices with those of the EU and OECD, development of an efficient tax consolidation regime in Ukraine and ensuring proper implementation of the newly introduced transfer pricing concept. A number of proposals on transfer pricing as well as tax administration provided by the Chamber Members were accepted and reflected in the Tax Code of Ukraine as well as respective bylaws.

60 meetings in 2014

Chamber Anti-Corruption Working Group
Continuous overview of anti-corruption legislation, active involvement in its development and promoting best practices in this area among business. In the framework of the Working Group functions Compliance Club, activities of which are aimed at the promotion of the best practices in the sphere of compliance.
In 2014 the Anti-Corruption Working Group worked actively on promoting initiatives, aimed at combating corruption. As one of the parties of the Anti-Corruption Initiative, the Chamber participated in the activities aimed at establishing of the Business Ombudsman Institution. The Working Group cooperates with the Government of Ukraine, international organizations and NGOs in order to create a synergy of efforts in tackling corruption, continuously developing proposals to anti-corruption initiatives of the Government. In order to share the best compliance practices, a separate platform, Compliance Club, functions within the Working Group.

35 meetings in 2014

Chamber Antimonopoly Working Group
Elaboration of legal and normative acts for providing fair competition on the market and development of cooperation with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and other stakeholders.
In 2014 the Chamber Antimonopoly Working Group concentrated its efforts on strengthening ties between the Chamber and the Government authorities as well as preparing proposals on the antimonopoly initiatives. The Chamber addressed respective stakeholders with the Position Papers containing proposals to the draft pieces of legislation aimed at protection of economic competition.

8 meetings in 2014

Chamber Hospitality & Tourism Working Group
Elaboration of initiatives aimed at the development of the hospitality and tourism sector.
In 2014 the Chamber Hospitality & Tourism Working Group actively worked on increasing the tourism potential of Ukraine through improvement of the categorization criteria for hotels, promotion of MICE in Ukraine and liberalization of visa regime for certain countries in order to increase the number of incoming tourists.

17 meetings in 2014

Chamber Logistics & Transportation Working Group
Creation of the communication platform for experience exchange between logistics companies, express delivery carriers, FMCG companies and retail chains, discussion of logistics issues and their solution for the development of absolutely transparent and beneficial rules of game – for the participants of economic activity and for the state in general.
In 2014 the Working Group kept improving the legal environment of air transport commercial operations: compulsory free baggage allowance, which resulted in incorporating Chamber’s proposals in the Draft Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on Amending Rules of Air Transportation of Passengers and Baggage. Also, numerous discussions of the Open Skies Agreement were held with participation of the representatives of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine. Chamber Working Group was advocating for reformation of public road system, creation of a separate road fund as well as for rejection of the Draft Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Implementation of Fares for Trucks to Compensate for Damage Caused to Public Roads". The Working Group signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Department Transport Owners and Operators of Rail Freight Service Association “Ukrdeptrans”.

22 meetings in 2014

Chamber Public-Private Partnership & Infrastructure Experts Center
To become the platform which supports the efforts of key stakeholders to create an enabling environment and concentrate technical expertise necessary to foster infrastructure and PPP development in Ukraine. The initial activities will be focused on assisting the stakeholders in developing a new reform agenda in the area of infrastructure and PPP for the Government of Ukraine.
In 2014 Chamber launched a platform for discussions regarding Public-Private Partnership in Ukraine enabling Chamber Members to see and/or present legal gap analysis of road concession, investment attractiveness of regions and hold fruitful discussions on development of Draft Law #4237a “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding Elimination of Regulatory Barriers for Public-Private Partnerships Development in Ukraine and Investments Stimulation”. The Expert Center signed Memorandum of Understanding with USAID FHI 360 Project and began to promote new national healthcare system, by improvement of Ukrainian legislation and involvement of private investments into the healthcare area.

18 meetings in 2014

Chamber Real Estate Working Group
Information and experience sharing between the Chamber Members involved in the real estate sphere; cooperation with corresponding legislative and executive bodies with the objective to introduce necessary amendments into Ukrainian legislation which in its turn will promote the real estate development in the country, reduction of the bureaucratic obstacles involved in real estate transactions, transparency in real estate transactions, facilitation of foreign investment in Ukrainian real estate development projects, availability of long term financing for the real estate projects.
Chamber Real Estate Working Group was following its priorities set up for 2014, namely improvement of the legal framework of land acquisition, where Working Group Members addressed respective policy makers with proposals on equal land acquisition rights for companies registered in Ukraine, acquisition of leased land, renewal of the lease agreements. The Working Group was actively involved in amending current procedure of registration of property rights with respect to improvement of registration procedure of property rights and registration procedures, transparency and accessibility of the new register. Members of the Working Group actively cooperated with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in development of deregulation initiatives in real estate sphere and gave explanations on certain peculiarities related to real estate sphere in Crimea. Also, the Working Group signed Memorandum of Understanding with Confederation of Builders of Ukraine.

15 meetings in 2014

Chamber Sea Ports Development Working Group
Developing a legislative framework on sea ports development through elaborating Chamber position and addressing relevant policy makers regarding current situation in the sea ports of Ukraine, and ways of its improvement.
In 2014 Chamber Sea Ports Development Working Group held successful advocacy campaign for rejection of Draft Law #4431 “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Sea Ports”” and for exclusion of the provisions on necessity of filling out ship ecological declaration which resulted in full support of Chamber proposals by the Government. Chamber Working Group closely cooperated with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine in presentation of actual projects on development of sea and river ports of Ukraine and initiated creation of Expert Councils under the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine as well as inclusion of Chamber experts therein. The Working Group signed Memorandum of Understanding with Federation of Employers in transport sphere.

27 meetings in 2014

  • Chamber Crimea Task Force
    As the Chamber fully understands that recent developments in Crimea turned out to have a lot of implications on almost all types of business that operates in Crimea, in March 2014 we established the Chamber Crimea Task Force focused on providing Chamber Members with the needed support in obtaining essential information on implications of the situation in Crimea on almost all types of business that operates in the peninsula.
  • PPP & Infrastructure Expert Center (PIEC)
    The PIEC was organized jointly by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and the USAID Public Private Partnership Development Program and became the platform which supports the efforts of the key stakeholders to create a favorable environment and concentrate technical expertise necessary to foster infrastructure and PPP development in Ukraine. The initial activities of PIEC were focused on assisting the stakeholders in developing a new reform agenda in the area of infrastructure and PPP for the Government of Ukraine.
  • Aerospace Forum
    The Forum was aimed at bringing together major Ukrainian and foreign companies, enterprises, specialists and experts for establishing direct dialogues between them. It was held in the framework of International Exhibition for Aviation and Space Industry “AviaWorld”, which took place on September 24 - 27, 2014 in Kyiv. This Forum was organized jointly with the State Space Agency of Ukraine and included presentations from Ukrainian aerospace enterprises regarding potential spheres of cooperation with foreign partners.
  • New Format of Government of Ukraine and Chamber COI/Business Leaders League Events
    In order to create a new platform for direct interaction between foreign and domestic investors with high-level representatives of state authorities the Chamber initiated new format of GoU meetings with Chamber COI/Business Leaders. During 2014 the Chamber arranged a number of events with participation of the Chamber Board of Directors, Chamber Committees and Working Groups Leadership as well as Steering Committee members of the Chamber Energy, Healthcare, Agricultural, Food & Beverage Committees, and Board of Directors of the Forum for Leading International Financial Institutions.
  • New Working Group on Anti-Raiding and Corporate Legislation
    The mission of the Working Group is to improve the corporate legislation, procedures of state registration of property rights and judicial system in order to ensure the proper realization and protection of property rights.
  • New Working Group on Reforming Liability for Customs Offences
    The principal goals of this Working Group are to promote adoption of the changes into the legislation (as elaborated within the Chamber Customs Committee) aimed at reforming the liability for customs offenses; and change the approach of the customs officers while bringing the business to liability for customs offenses (mandatory substantiation of the guilt, application of provisions on relief from liability in case of technical mistakes that do not result in violation of tariff or non-tariff regulation etc.).


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    One of the Kyiv's most highly anticipated outdoor events – Chamber's Annual Charitable American Independence Day Picnic once again gathered friends to spend a beautiful Saturday with their family and friends while enjoying traditional Picnic-style food, refreshing drinks and live performances of well-known singers and bands.
    Chamber Annual Charitable American Independence Day Picnic
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    Knowledge Seminars
    The Chamber Knowledge Seminars are an exceptional promotional tool designed to enhance sharing of valuable knowledge and expertise on the trending issues among Member Companies. It is an excellent way to hit the target audience with the information on the important issues in the field of company’s business interests and expand client portfolio.
    Business Leaders League Development Events
    A new series of development events for Senior management of Chamber Member Companies launched in 2014 allow Business Leaders League to hear directly from international speakers from corporate world and learn about market trends, strategic innovations and best practices existing in other countries and markets.
    WELDI Meetings
    The Chamber Women's Executive Leadership Development Initiative (WELDI) is dedicated to developing the professional skills of senior- level female executives working in the Corporate A Chamber Member companies.


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    Ukraine at a Glance

    "Country Profile – Ukraine at a Glance" is an exclusive publication that includes analytical articles that provide a comprehensive overview of Ukraine's economy broken down by sector. This analytical publication provides unique insight and is developed with the help of leading experts among the American Chamber of Commerce Membership.
    2014 Participants by Industries
    banking & finance services
    customs regulations
    human resources
    labor &
    information &
    logistics &
    real estate


    Chamber Discount Program
    A money saving program, providing Chamber Members with an opportunity to offer their high quality goods and services to other Chamber Members at a discount, ensuring everyone's success.
      accomodation and hotels
      advertising, media and printing
      airlines and travel services
      business services
      car leasing and sales
      consulting and outsourcing
      delivery and logistics
      education and training
      furniture and equipment
      healthcare and beauty serices
      IT and software
      legal services
      real estate
      retail establishments
    Gourmet Club Chamber
    A network of the best and most welcoming restaurants serving high-quality food, offer impeccable service and provide Chamber Membership ard Holders with priveleges and discounts (10% and 15%).
    Chamber Leisure Club
    Specialized discount project that is designed to provide additional benefits and priveleges focusing on the best providers of leisure services in Kyiv.
      Beauty Services
      Cinemas and Theatres
      Sport and Outdoor Activities
      Fitness and Welness